We are Wander + Whimsy. A floral and event styling studio based in Washington, DC. We are a group of artists dedicated to providing you with the most stunning floral and event designs possible from the greatest artist ever know, Mother Nature herself.


Hi, I am Haylie Ahart, Owner + Creative Director, and when I say my "dizziest dream" that's no exaggeration, Wander + Whimsy ismy dream. I first fell in love with florals while working in NYC as an event rentals rep.  I was introduced to the world of floral design through a conference put on by my top client at the time, you guessed it, a floral designer. That conference changedeverything...I was in awe  of the designers there; the artistry these designers possessed, the intention behind their work, the connection to their clients, it was something I had never seen in my other hospitality jobs...I was HOOKED.  After that conference, I obsessively soaked up every bit of free content pertaining to flowers the internet had to offer.  I made a secret promise to myself that one day, ONE DAY, I would learn how to do that too. 

So after months of obsessing, I finally applied to my first floral internship....

And I got the job!  I shortly quit my corporate grind for a life of freelance flowering.   And in November 2018 officially launched Wander + Whimsy Floral and Event Styling.  Since then I have created a team of artists who are just as passionate and enthralled by floral design as the day I left that NYC conference.  

lets find a little whimsy in your day

Yes Please!